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10 Benefits of Using Long-Tail Keywords for SEO

10 Simple Benefits of Using Long-Tail Keywords for SEO

Long-tail keywords have been used by experts offering SEO services for a while now, and it still works. If used correctly, it can be a compelling way to take advantage of high-intent search traffic. 10 Benefits of Using Long-Tail Keywords for SEO:

10 Simple Benefits of Using Long-Tail Keywords for SEO

1. They Have Lower Competition

Long-tail keywords are much easier to rank than short-tail keywords because of the relatively low competition. According to Search Engine Land, 70% of all web searches come from long-tail keywords. Suppose you’re not focusing on them in your strategy. In that case, you miss out on massive opportunities to drive quality traffic to your website.

2. They Have Better Conversion Rates

People who use long-tail keywords in search know more about what they want. Therefore, companies often see better conversion rates when using long-tail keywords as the content is more targeted to the website visitor’s needs.

3. Increase Your Content Visibility

Whenever someone searches for a long-tail keyword, Google personalizes the search results depending on their location, age, sex, interests, etc.

4. They Can Help New or Low-Authority Pages Rank Quickly

Google ranks web pages according to a few factors, including authorityquality, and relevance. A few giant industry players dominate the rankings for high-competition keywords because these pages tend to have higher authority in the form of backlinks.

But suppose your webpage is newer, or you just haven’t managed to attract enough backlinks. In that case, your “authority” won’t be able to compete, even if your content is of the highest quality it can be

5. They Will Help You Rank for Short-Tail Keywords Too

More often than not, long-tail keywords already include the short keywords for which you want to rank. This combination makes it easier to reach both of your goals, boosting your ranking for those main keywords as well as your specific, targeted ones.

6. They Optimize Your Blog Strategy

One of the easiest ways for your website to start ranking is to create fresh content. And the easiest way to do that is to keep a regular blog focused on the needs and expectations of your target audience.

7. They Allow You to Personalize Your Content

You can use this to your advantage by creating different content that can support the various categories and services your company offers. It allows you to be more targeted with your content strategy and reap the benefits of contextual marketing.

8. You Can Get Them from Google Analytics

Keyword research for long-tail terms isn’t as complicated as you might think. Some of them may come straight from your web analytics service like Google Analytics.

9. They Work Better for Voice Search

It’s also imperative to consider how people are engaging with search.

According to Moz, 70% of online searches are long-tail keywords. People are searching as if they’re talking with or asking a question to the search bar, leading to more long-tail keyword searches.

10. They Cost Less to Bid

If you’re using Google Ads, it’s also noteworthy that it usually costs less to bid on long-tail keywords.

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