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Top 10 most expensive keywords (high CPC) in Google AdSense

Top 10 most expensive keywords (high CPC) in Google AdSense for 2022

Whether you know it or not, 90% of the income generated by Google comes from the advertisers. Ads that are ranging from fitness to entertainment to real estate helps Google to make billions of dollars every single year. Here, we are providing you the Top 10 most expensive keywords (high CPC) in Google AdSense.

If you are curious about knowing the most highly paid Google AdSense keywords with lots of CPC (Cost Per Click) and global monthly searches in 2023. 

Top 10 most expensive keywords (high CPC) in Google AdSense for 2023


Keywords related to various types of insurance, such as health insurance, auto insurance, and life insurance, tend to have high CPCs.


Keywords like “personal loans,” “student loans,” or “mortgage loans” are typically associated with high CPCs.


Specific mortgage-related keywords, including “mortgage rates” and “mortgage refinance,” can be expensive.


Legal keywords like “personal injury attorney” or “criminal defense attorney” often have high CPCs due to competition in the legal industry.


Keywords related to credit scores, credit cards, and credit reports can have high CPCs.


Keywords in the web hosting and cloud hosting industry can be expensive due to the competitive nature of the business.


Keywords related to addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers can command high CPCs.


Keywords related to business and enterprise software solutions can have significant CPCs.


Keywords related to online education and degree programs can be expensive.


Keywords related to stock trading, cryptocurrency trading, and forex trading often have high CPCs.

Please keep in mind that these are general categories, and the specific keywords within each category can vary widely in terms of CPC. To get the most accurate and up-to-date information on expensive keywords for Google AdSense in 2023, it’s advisable to use keyword research tools or consult Google’s advertising platform directly.

What is the most expensive keyword in Google Ads?

The most expensive search term was “Online business degree programs” at $110 per click.

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